The Bug and the Beetle

Post WWII car manufacturing was hard and repetitive work.  Management’s go-to solution was to throw money at this problem.  Factories became powder kegs of animosity as labor and their bosses were more concerned about sticking to a job description than actually making cars.

The strategy held when business was healthy, but the 1970s brought more competition and more regulation.  As both sales and quality plummeted, General Motors decided to make a film to bring the problem directly to their workforce.  The video above promos plenty of patriotism — like any good ’70s corporate propaganda — but it’s also being surprisingly fair about international trade in some places.

This was made for Chevrolet, but the film was altered slightly for other GM brands.  For those who really have extra time on their hands, this video can be seen with Pontiac’s name and their cars inserted into the same material.

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