If member numbers are available, then the order form will be live here.

They are assigned in the order received or what is currently available (no member number requests.)  You will receive a separate email confirming that there are numbers available, and the specific one you have been awarded.

Because this is the inaugural year, subscription rates are based on the number of books remaining for the year (2018). You will have the option of purchasing any missed editions of the current year for an additional cost.

Memberships (subscriptions) are paid-in-full upfront, but you are entitled to a refund during the publication’s first year (2018).


The current quarterly production run is scheduled to ship in January, April, July, and October. Because of printing schedules and shipping times, the book is not guaranteed to arrive during each shipping month, but aside from mishaps during shipping, all editions will arrive close to its schedule.


-Any member in good standing has the right of first refusal to his/her member number for each subscription renewal. In the quarter before the new subscription, we will send out no less than two (2) reminder emails about subscription renewals for the upcoming year (reoccurring payments will be advised to check their information.) If we receive correspondence from a member’s provided e-email address confirming they will not be renewing or there is no renewal paid for by January 15th of the new publication year, then the member number will be made available to the public (waiting list members will be given the priority.)

-All refund percentages are gauged by number issues delivered. This is a quarterly publication, so each fulfilled edition counts towards fulfilling one-fourth of the annual total subscription.

-We reserve the right to adjust annual subscription pricing. Because annual subscriptions are paid-in-full at the beginning of the subscription, any pricing adjustments will not take effect until the current subscription year has been fulfilled. We will send out renewal reminder emails to the provided member addresses about the upcoming year in the quarter before it, and any pricing adjustments will be announced during that time (if not before.)

-We reserve the right to cancel any subscription at any time if it is suspected that the member is sharing copies of the book or extended excepts (multiple sentences) over large and/or digital platforms. The remainder of the unfulfilled portion of the subscription will be refunded.  The idea of AutoMinded is to rekindle the thoughtful book experience. Share it with your friends and family in-person or offline, but don’t diminish the special feeling from the thick paper and colorful photography.


Because this is the first year, we will also allow you to cancel your membership and receive a refund for the difference.

1. Use the contact form here.
2. Within about 48 hours there will be a confirmation request email sent to the address listed on the account.
3. Responding to this email will confirm your cancellation.
4. You are now entitled to (A) a partial refund for the remaining balance of the year, or (B) a full refund if books are returned to the address sent in the official email (details will be in the cancellation request email.)

Privacy Policy

We value your membership. Your name and any contact info is not sold or shared.

Paid Space

We reserve the right to accept paid inserts in our books. Any paid space is never used as a substitute for other stories. This is strictly at our judgement, and only for the benefit of our members.

For example, if Ford is about to debut a new Mustang, and they want to share previously unpublished pictures of development cars over the years, then that is likely a subject we would accept. Conversely, an offer to turn a new truck debut into an advertorial (advertising + editorial – yes, that unfortunately exists) would never be allowed to pollute our pages.

Contributor copies

Writers, vehicle owners, and others that directly contribute to the AutoMinded stories are eligible for a contributor copy. These are separately labeled and do not count against the limited run of member editions.

Florida Residents

You will pay sales tax on each subscription. We are incorporated in Florida, and we ship from there. So, you will also likely be the first ones to receive each new edition.

International Subscriptions

There is an additional fee for international subscriptions related to additional shipping costs.  If you live outside the USA, and you do not sign up for the subscription for international members, you will be refunded the subscription amount and must resubmit your info through the international subscription. Any member number assigned will be forfeited and re-assigned (if available) after a valid subscription.



Created: 9/1/17

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