In the grand tradition of paper cuts, sturdy bookshelves, and quiet evenings, this is AutoMinded. Each limited edition book is designed to keep you entertained, educated, and broaden your automotive world – no matter how much of an expert you already are.

The best car stories only get told in small circles. And you know that you’ve been missing out on them as your favorite publications have faded away. So when you’re ready to add to your automotive mind, it’s time to join AutoMinded.


You can dive deeper into what we’re all about by reading who we are or see story topics.
But for now, these are the three things you need to know about AutoMinded:

1. We treat subscriptions like memberships

You get stories that are only told in our books, and thus, you are part of an exclusive club.

2. If you’re here, we already assume you’re a proper enthusiast

We pride ourselves on having exclusivity.  This site is not actively promoted, and we don’t advertise.
If you’re checking us out, it’s because you’ve seen one of our books or a car buddy mentioned us.  Even if you’re just here by accident, our prohibitively high membership price means you’re not joining unless you want those little-known stories we love to tell.
That’s why the process is simple from here: if one of our 3,000 memberships is available, you can sign up immediately.  There’s no fuss of an application – you don’t want to fill one out, and we don’t want to read it.  After all, we’re just here to tell the best stories, and if you want to be a member, we’re happy to have your support.

3.We are telling better stories

Our topics come from funding the subjects that automotive writers and collectors have always wanted to share, but have run into the road block of commercial appeal.  With no advertisers to anger and no space requirements, AutoMinded is where they take their passion projects.

So, you know that one chapter that makes every book worth the time? Think of AutoMinded as a collection of those chapters.

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