Bloodhound SSC will be carbon nutral at 1000 mph

There was a simpler time when all we did was cheer on a land speed record attempt.  But now as the Bloodhound SSC team gears up for a 1,000 mph run next summer, they have a powerful new foe: the environment.

Rather than experience the backlash as pictures circle the internet of a 133,000 hp rocket/jet car burn its fuel in the record chase, the program plans to be carbon neutral.

Environmentalists can breathe easy (literally) as a new team sponsor Carbon Neutral Investments (CNI) has promised to offset all emissions from the record attempt and its testing.  This will not be the first time the company has worked with high-speed endeavors before as they also currently offset the emission created by the McLaren Formula 1 team.  CNI has not released the plans for keeping the rocket car carbon neutral, but we’ll just leave that up to the scientists.

As for the Bloodhound SSC record-attempting team, the name may sound familiar.  The British project is headed by the same organization that holds the current land speed title set in 1997 by the 763 mph Thrust SSC.  While it may seem somewhat wasteful to build a new car just to beat its own record, there is a different motivation behind this.  The organization says that its purpose is to inspire young people around Europe to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  It is hard to think of a better motivation for kids than rockets and speed…now if we can only get Craig Breedlove back on track in the U.S.

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