Good deed at intersection

Someone standing at an intersection with a sign begging for money is an unfortunate situation (stated extremely mildly.)  It has become such an everyday occurrence in some places that those in need just blend into the background.  But now you may want to pay a little more attention.

Doug Eaton turned 65 last week, and for his birthday he asked his friends on Facebook what would be the best way to commemorate this milestone.  The decision was to to preform 65 random acts of kindness. This became spending 65 minutes handing out $5 bills to people driving by.  Eaton stood at a street corner in downtown Oklahoma City with a sign that read, “I have a home…and a car…and a job.  Do you need a few bucks for coffee.”

There was no boasting or political motivation behind Eaton’s message.  He’s just a man who is thankful and looking to spread a little of his joy.

source: KFOR

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