Arthur movie Rolls-Royce sells at auction

Those with classic taste and sophistication (i.e. older folks) will remember Dudley Moore as the title character from the movie Arthur.  Instead of the recent remake where Arthur has a fleet of TV/film icon vehicles, Moore’s alcohol-fueled playboy had the good taste to drive a Packard One-Twenty, and occasionally he had the much better sense to be chauffeured in a classic Rolls-Royce limo.

Now Arthur’s responsible option, a 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Touring Limousine, sold at the Auction’s America sale in Ft. Lauderdale over the weekend.  While this car has a bit of star power, the Silver Wraith is also often coveted by collectors as one of the last few Rolls models that had its body created by custom coachbuilders.  This Mulliner-bodied limo had a selling price of $96,800.

Before co-staring with Liza Minnelli and John Gielgud, this Rolls-Royce was delivered new to Ms. A.W. Frink at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris on July 10, 1956.  It would arrive in America in 1980, just in time for the 1981 movie.  Although the vehicle no longer bears Arthur Bach’s crest on the doors, the cream and maroon paintwork looks the same.  The 4.9-liter engine makes 135 hp.  This seems like a bit much to carry around 4,620 lbs worth of car (not including the fat cat riding in the rear,) but in true Rolls-Royce fashion, the car can carry its weight with dignity.

The limo has a novelty plate from New York that reads “Arthur” on the front to mimic the one from the movie.  The rear Florida “Arthur” plate is a real one that it has had since this Rolls-Royce limo retired to Boca Raton nearly thirty years ago.

No word yet on where this classic is going, but a new owner does mean there is a chance this Rolls will once again carry a piano-playing carefree gentleman with a pension for good Scotch.

One thought on “Arthur movie Rolls-Royce sells at auction

  1. “… there is a chance this Rolls will once again carry a piano-playing carefree gentleman with a PENCHANT for good Scotch.”

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