Chevrolet Camaro now on sale in UK with right hand drive

UPDATE: Please ignore part of this title as well as the paragraphs referring to the U.K. Camaro confirmed as right hand drive.  A miscommunication led to the wrong side being confirmed by Chevrolet.  They may all wish for a right hand drive car over there, but that doesn’t change the position of the wheel at this time.

See the U.K. in your Chevrolet.  The Camaro is now on sale in Britain.

Chevrolet is now taking orders for the coupe and convertible with deliveries happening later this spring.  The muscle car is only being sent across the pond as a true American brute.  While our base engine is the 323 hp 3.6-liter V6, the U.K. will only be receiving the 426 hp 6.2-liter V8.  The six-speed manual transmission is standard, but the automatic is available for those Brits who want the (unfortunate but) true American experience.

The coupe will start at £34,995 and the convertible will be £39,995.  Looking a current exchange rates, that’s about $54,800 and $62,700, or about a 68% increase over what they cost here.  But keep the weak dollar in perspective.  The Camaro coupe and convertible pricing is about the same someone would pay over there for a BMW 325i with some sport packaging.

For an extra £1,500 Chevrolet is offering a limited edition 45th anniversary package.  It comes in Carbon Flash Black paint, red and silver anniversary stripes, and dark silver 20-inch alloy wheels.  Inside the there is a red leather interior with white and blue stitching (they can just pretend Chevy did it in honor of the Union Jack.)

One important distinction that Chevrolet’s PR people were able to confirm is that this Camaro will be right hand drive.  This is significant because the U.S. automakers do not always convert cars for the U.K.  In the classic car world this is not much of a problem. Just like a right hand Rolls-Royce has prestige in some circles here, owing a left handed muscle car over there is a desired by certain groups.

But this isn’t a classic car, this is brand new (retro) sports car that is trying to be as mainstream as possible.  A car like the Camaro is already going to be a tight squeeze in some little English villages, so at least Chevrolet is being a little more accommodating by having the steering wheel on the correct side.

So Britain lock up your daughters and widen the roads…the Camaros are about to arrive.

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